Ryker Walker is no ordinary farmer. He describes himself as “a geeky scientist
who just happened to get into mushrooms.” A chemist by trade, he became interested in growing mushrooms after learning about their uses in eastern medicine. He signed up for a course with Paul Stamets, a renowned Washington mycologist, who uses mushrooms for many traditional and some not so traditional uses. When he returned home to Sacramento, Ryker decided to grow tasty Oyster, King Oyster, Lion’s Mane and Shiitake mushrooms. He built his own incubation room and greenhouses and, in 2000, started Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms.

In 2011, he decided to “go big or go home”. DGM moved into commercial space in the heart of the “”River District”.

After outgrowing their warehouse space, in 2014, DGM again relocated. This latest growth spurt landed in Sloughhouse, CA. 15 miles southeast of Sacramento with triple the grow space. And that’s just the beginning, again!

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